2017 Wellesley Book Award

Blue Ridge Wellesley Club

Dear [first_name],

It's Book Award time! Last year, the Blue Ridge Club presented the Wellesley Book Award to juniors at 21 schools in our area. We need your sponsorship to accomplish this again.

Recipients are presented with The Norton Book of Women's Lives, an anthology of sixty-one substantial selections in the forms of autobiographies, journals, and memoirs, which are full of intelligence, passion, wit, and determination.


Recognition of outstanding young women for exceptional scholarship and distinction is a primary objective of Wellesley College. To extend that recognition beyond the College and to alert superior students to what a Wellesley education provides, the Alumnae Association offers and partially underwrites the Wellesley Book Award Program to clubs and individual donors as an annual engagement program.


Please send $30 for each award you wish to sponsor. All book award sponsorships are tax deductible. Donate by check, payable to The Blue Ridge Wellesley Club and sent to Jean Minehart, 1714 Yorktown Drive, Charlottesville, VA, 22901. 


Checks MUST BE received by March 27 - this is a hard deadline set by the College.


For questions about the Book Award program, please contact Paula Pierce Beazley at pbeaz@earthlink.net or Jean Minehart at jbminehart@gmail.com.

Every woman can—and should—make a meaningful contribution to her world. There is a growing recognition that women's empowerment and leadership are crucial to their own advancement, and to worldwide societal change. Wellesley and its alumnae have supported and championed women's intellectual and social development and autonomy for over 100 years.
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